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hey friend!

  I'm Andrea, a Bartlesville, OK based photographer specializing in weddings,
seniors, families, and newborn photography.

Looking for something authentic and unique? Capturing candid moments is my JAM! Whether it's a giggle, the squeeze of a hand, or the little wrinkle of a nose, I'm here to create those special moments and capture them for you. 

Not comfortable in front of the camera? Enter Andrea 👋! My posing techniques and the flow of my session will make you feel at ease in no time. And preparing for your session becomes easy as pie with my style and locations guides. All you have to do it be yourself and let me do the rest.  

i'm so glad you're here!

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family time = happy mom

UNIVERSE of Oklahoma Grad!

Boomer Sooner, baby!

Friends Fanatic.

I Always wanted to be a RAchel but I'm definitely a Monica.

sweet tooth, right here.
homemade goodies are my Kryptonite.

music runs through my veins.
Yep, I'm the mom carpooling the kids around, singing my heart out to the latest tune.

lover of all things CHRISTMAS!
best time of the year!
(fun note: christmas minis were my first paid sessions)

fruit lover
any kind
i love it 

love the great outdoors.
it's my happy place.

in my free time (wait, what's that?) i enjoy long walks through the isles at hobby lobby.

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